EVAIW Overview

IFN leadership established a collective priority to End Violence Against Indigenous Women and in recognition passed a resolution in February 2009 supporting partnership in support of EVAIW.  The Independent First Nations collective efforts have been dedicated to support initiatives towards ending violence against indigenous women; by building upon the strengths of our communities, enhancing capacity and resources and shared action that will result in healthy, safe and prosperous communities. Our joint work in partnership with the Ontario Government and Indigenous Peoples in Ontario towards Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women has resulted in significant impacts towards healing, wellness and change for individuals, families, communities and in working together, our partnerships and collective efforts have strengthened our relations with other Indigenous Peoples and Government and allowed us to make significant contributions for our mutual benefit and prosperity.

The Independent First Nations in Ontario have completed a number of initiatives to support Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women. Each initiative addresses ending violence against Indigenous women from different perspectives including awareness, prevention, intervention and support for healing and wellness.  IFN EVAIW facilitates coordination, capacity and resources, research and education, policy, planning and strategic action through networking and   partnership between First Nation communities, IFN Leadership, Government and Indigenous Peoples.

This Includes

  • Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and engagement in conjunction with IFN Leadership, IFN EVAIW Network and IFN Communities including the Ontario Government and Indigenous Peoples through the EVAIW Executive Committee and Provincial Committees towards ending violence against indigenous women.
  • The completion of research through an IFN EVAIW Literature Review and Environmental Scan to inform evidence based approaches towards ending violence against indigenous women.
  • Facilitating strategic planning and policy through a “draft” IFN EVAIW Action Plan with a final IFN EVAIW Strategy currently in progress of being compiled to guide future action moving forward towards ending violence against indigenous women.
  • Enhancing capacity building and technical support through the provision of training, assistance and resources for the provision of community based, culturally appropriate, wholistic programs and services within IFN Communities.
  • Coordination and capacity of initiatives to address EVAIW including:
    • The development, delivery and evaluation of the Family Well-Being Program
    • Community awareness sessions on Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.
    • Community awareness sessions on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and facilitation of an IFN presentation and submission to the National Inquiry on MMIWG and;
    • The address of Men’s Issues through hosting an IFN EVAIW Men’s Summit resulting in significant recommendations to support healing and well-being of men and foster healthy relationships and families.